This a project I have been working on in between GC vol3 and my game art commissions purely because I loved the story writer Jake harding had put together for it. I should be uploading pages of it every Friday on Activate comix. any comments and/or first impressions are welcome as I’m doing all of these things to keep on improving my work and learning new things. 

Thank you all!

Fallen Hero

I had this idea for a while now from my Skyrim days but never had the time to put it together( probably because I was playing too much Skyrim). This morning I woke up with this illustration in my head and I could see it so clearly its scary how close it turned out…I wish it was this clear every time…

As promised I did my own version of a Nausicaa Poster. I was struggling with the colour palette and thats why it got so messy. 

Born to Draw.

I saw a similar illustration done of Stanley Kubrick so I felt like making my own version of it.

Well that’s another sketchbook done. Let’s unwrap a new one!

Sometimes things just work. Roughs for GC vol 3

Sometimes things just work. Roughs for GC vol 3


I did this piece specifically for the exhibition Lords of infinity in London. The exhibition has come to an end this month so I wanted to show it online.

Everyone’s favourite Bounty hunter (after Bobba of course) The Fox from the the Venatium Brotherhood of bounty Hunters in Golden Campaign.

Promotional poster for Golden Campaign fans to be reassured that Volume 3 is happening.

These are some of the pics from the launch for the Lords of Infinity Exhibition at the beginning of the month. We drank, we talked and got silly. I think at some point of the night I lifted James Harvey on my arms while he did some sort of Maddona move. 

The exhibition will be up in Orbital Comics until the 7th of September , so if you happen to be in London during these next 2 weeks go and see it. 


I still remember the first time I saw the Eva 1 breaking out of it’s armour and thought how Evangelion couldn’t get any cooler and bad-ass than that. Let’s not forget that under all that shiny purple cover there is an angel beast ready to fuck shit up!

I was watching Porco Rosso again the other day and remembered how much a loved those mama-auto pirates, who end up being a lovely bunch of guys. I did my own pirate with a CROM gang overall and waiting for some one…his mom perhaps? 

I sketched this cosmonaut girl the other day and wanted to try out a few colour palettes on her. 

Comica is happening this Saturday at the British Library! I’ll be there selling and signing my books. Come and say hello :) #comicacomiket #comics #britishlibrary #london #crom

Comica is happening this Saturday at the British Library! I’ll be there selling and signing my books. Come and say hello :) #comicacomiket #comics #britishlibrary #london #crom

The Game that never Happened:

Terry Cavanagh recently made a post about the game we were working on together on and off for the last few months where he explains why we couldn’t continue making the game and why is good to give closure to these things. 

Polygon made a short article about it too.

Sometimes, projects have all the right elements in them but get dragged on for too long and things stop to gel together as they were initially intended. We got too ambitious and aimed for the stars with what was initially a very simple idea.

I found this project to be a very inspiring and exciting experience; even if it didn’t get finished I felt like I learnt a great deal of things and got to meet some wonderful and passionate people that otherwise I would have not had the chance to do so.

Thank you. 

Warm up sketches for the day. #moleskin #sketch #sketching #owl #horses

Warm up sketches for the day. #moleskin #sketch #sketching #owl #horses